Thomas in an american war pilot, he was issued at last momments of the second world war to get the important photos that washington needs, unfortunatly he became one of the NKVD's targets and after few attemps was captured for torture, wich later on Karl has to save him since he is the only one who can flight them off berlin

Backround Edit

Not much is known about the pilot and the game never tells anything detailed about him until the last chapter of the game, he first appears in katyusha level were he is critically injured and as german resistance assists you, you have to take him to safety, later on at last chapter of the game he get's captured by the NKVD for torture and interrogation, the player is tasked to intercept the enemy convoys at all cost to save the pilot. The pilot is equipped with an p38 silenced pistol and is the only character in the game who can pick up weapons from fallen enemies, as well he's also one of the 2 characters that the player can 'squad' control. If the pilot get's killed the current level you are playing will be failed.

Pilot's real name is Thomas and he has a brother Stephan who also was taken hostage just like him, Thomas and Stephan are very close to each other so Thomas demands a rescue of he's brother, wich Karl is later tasked to do so.

Not much else is known about the pilot nor does he have much backround.

Appearance Edit

Thomas appears in a pilot suit automatically equipped with a parachute and an P38 silenced pistol. He also doesn't have the suit on when he is captured so he wears a camo coat without any serious protection, this time without the P38. Thomas age is unknown hoever he looks like in he's middle 30's

Intresting stuff Edit

- thomas model without the pilot suit has an absolutely diffrent facial appearance, re using one of the resistance informats textures

- The pilot character model was one of the original concepts

Model 1

Thomas's character model with the pilot uniform

Texture pilot 43

Pilot's character model texture

Capture 6

Thomas without the pilot uniform

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