This is the Chapter 5 for the Zombie Army Trilogy and the last mission for Nazi Zombie Army.  

Briefing Edit

Demonic forces have barricaded the U-Bahn subway tunnels that stand between you and salvation.  

You must venture into them and brave the unspeakable horrors they contain if you are to find a way out of Berlin. 


Part 1Edit

The group starts overlooking a large plaza and the U-Bahn's entrance. Aside from small groups, there is not much activity at the start. After attempting to enter the subway, you must retrieve five skull-keys to unlock it.

The first keys are found in the subway to the left. At the first T-junction, zombies attack from both sides as a larger group and an elite machine gunner approach from the right. The two branches eventually lead to a corridor with barbed wire, which spawns kamikazies that detonate on the spot. 

When you reach the large room with the altar and skull-key, you must defeat a hoard. Once you eliminate the hoard, you can collect the skull-key and head to the safe room.

Part 2Edit

A few zombies approach from the entrance, and there is a sniper-zombie outside. Head to the second subway-tunnel to continue.

The first T-junction, you can go either left or right. Zombies approach from both directions; thus, you should put a trap to cover one of the two passages. Although both passages eventually lead to the same route, the skull-key is found down the left passage, before taking the side branch leading down and left.

The skull-key is another arena hoard room. The initial wave of enemies teleports into the room, and the remaining zombies approach from the hallway. You can collect the skull-keys after eliminating the enemies.

The next room contains two skull-keys, with no fight required beyond the previous room. After that, you can continue to the safe room.

Part 3Edit

At the surface, you encounter a medium group of scattered zombies (including a sniper).

You can find the final skull-key in the newly opened building, and you can unlock the occult seal. Once you do, a few kamikazie zombies charge from the tunnel. Moving through the tunnel's doors awakens a horde.

Part 4Edit

The safe room leads to an alleyway, which leading to the canal docks. There are two wheels that need to be turned, on both sides of the dock.

When you open the docks, the occult general attacks. In this encounter, plenty of open terrain allows players to move easily. To destroy the general, you shoot the skulls surrounding him, before slaying the general with headshots.


Final safe room:

"Hello? I hope you can hear me!"
"We spotted you from the air and I'm coming to pick you up."
"You'll have to open the gates at the canal dock so I can get through but then we'll be home dry!"
"Chin up, we're getting you out of there."