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It is a weapon in Sniper Elite 4.

History Edit

The Neunfaust R1 is a prototype German weapon, likely intended to provide Fallschirmjäger units with heavy fire support. It is based off the real-world Flugfaust/Fliegerfaust, an early attempt at a MANPADS undertaken by HASAG in 1945. It fires standard 20 mm German cannon shells using small, electrically fired rockets. While the Flugfaust fired salvoes against low-flying aircraft, the Neunfaust seems intended for anti-infantry and anti-vehicle use and fires single shots in succession. It is found in an underground storage depot under the Niroli University library. It can be accessed by blowing up the main door in the library or by activating a secret passage in the room where Galvani was held. Since the tunnels are likely older than the German occupation, it is unknown why a University would need a fortified underground storage area. The Neunfaust is a valuable prototype and thus it is under strict surveillance, protected by a squad of paratroopers of the Italian Social Republic. It is mentioned that the Valkyrie Squadron is in Niroli to field test the Neunfaust.