The MP40 is a submachine gun featured in Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2, Sniper Elite III and Zombie Army Trilogy. It is the default secondary weapon in Sniper Elite.

It is the default submachine gun in Sniper Elite.

The gun is used by the German soldiers and can be picked up near their dead bodies.

Description Edit

Sniper Elite V2 Edit

The German MP40 lacks the accuracy of the Thompson, however it makes up for this with a higher rate of fire and more plentiful ammunition when behind enemy lines.


Decent accuracy and range, better damage than some Submachine guns, but has plentiful ammo available.

Sniper Elite V2Edit

the MP40 is seen used by German soldiers it is a good weapon to have with the large amount of bullets and is usually a replacement for the Thompson because when amost every enemy uses one you never run out of ammo

Sniper Elite IIIEdit

the MP40 returns functioning the same way it did in Sniper Elite V2

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