General Franz Vahlen is the main antagonist of Sniper Elite III, serving as the commanding officer over North Africa where he is in charge of a top secret project code-named Project Seuche.

Sniper Elite 3 Edit

Franz Vahlen is a Nazi officer serving in North Africa where he is in charge of a top secret project code-named Project Seuche. Project Seuche is a project to build a supertank codenamed Ratte, which Vahlen is planning to use to conquer Europe when the Afrika Korps win in North Africa. Some of his officers have discovered this and steal his diary which holds details of his plans. They send it by courier to Hitler himself, to tell him of Vahlens betrayal. Unfortunately for them the courier is intercepted by the NID sniper Karl Fairburne, who has been sent to track down and assassinate Vahlen. When Fairburne tracks him down to the complex where the Ratte prototype is being built, he manages to destroy the tank. Vahlen is trapped under debris and pleads for Karl to free him. Karl takes Vahlen's Luger, and says that the difference between them is that he remember's everyone he kills, before executing Vahlen at point blank Range.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other antagonists/targets, Vahlen is not directly killed by the player, though the player does trigger the explosion with causes him to be buried under debris before being killed by Karl in the final cutscene.
  • Vahlen shoulder rank insignia is incorrect, the insignia is Field Marshal instead of General.