Snipers are an enemy type in Sniper Elite.

Snipers are one of the biggest threats in, as they have long range, high powered weapons, and can kill the player in as few shots as one on higher difficulties, They can spot the player before all other types.

Sniper Elite V2 Edit

Snipers appear in several levels. Every shot they take is accompanied by a flash onscreen, which will alert the player to their presence if they haven't found out. Two prominent Sniper Teams appear as enemies. The Russian Sniper Team, and a German Sniper Team, both of whom are dispatched by Karl after they ambush him.

Tactics Edit

  • In wide open areas it is a good idea to carefully survey the area with binoculars and tag snipers.

    Russian sniper on top of a house

  • Make sure to stay low and in cover, and move slowly
  • Snipers typically operate in teams, so make sure to keep all sides covered.
  • Make sure to pay attention to Ground troops as well since they will attempt to flank you whilst you deal with Snipers.

Sniper Elite 3 Edit

Ghillie Suit Sniper

Snipers appear more frequently, though they are fairly easy to spot. They act much like snipers from V2, however they are not searching for enemies and will be easier to catch by surprise.

Ghillie Suit Snipers Edit

These Enemies are introduced in Siwa Oasis. They are difficult to spot, and will be more precise when attempting to shoot Karl, thus they will not immediately alert other nearby ground troops. They also usually travel in pairs.

Tactics Edit

  • If they see you there is a rising sound cue. If you can hear it, quickly get to cover and attempts to scout with binoculars to mark them.

Raubvogel Edit

During the Confrontation DLC, Raubvogel, the Elite German Sniper Sniper, attempts to assassinate Winston Churchill. Raubvogel is the first enemy sniper to be integral to the plot. He is very skilled, and employs some of the same tactics as the player such as traps, such as anti personnel mines, and even leaving a note as bait, He is identifiable by his metal mask and chest armor.

Tactics Edit

  • Move slowly and use binoculars frequently to scout, as he has traps set up.
  • Take care to avoid his sniper team.
  • Scout distant cliff faces, as he stays at a distance.

Zombie Army Trilogy Edit

2358022-trailer sniperelitenazizombie2 gameplay 20131028

The Sniper

Main Article: Zombie Sniper

An uncommon zombie that is very agile and uses a sniper rifle.

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